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Halo Dream Hair Story

October 11, 2017


Halo Dream Hair Story

Why We Started 

Before We Started Our Company We Listened To The Complaints Of The People We Were Sick Of seeing People Like Our Moms And Many Others Spend Their Hard Earned Money On Low Quality Hair. We Take Our Brand And Reputation Extremely Seriously We Want Our Company To Be Associated With High Quality, And Great Fast Customer Service.

Our Donor

First thing was to comprise a team of smart individuals and experts in the industry (known as the dream team) and researched. We created a list and vowed that we will only offer hair that serves our stringent quality process. We then began the hardest part, which was finding this quality hair. We traveled to multiple states, and countries looking for the donor offering the highest and purest virgin hair in the market. We comprised top hair experts and bloggers to sample the hair, and collected these samples putting them through multiple test to ensure high quality. The search was long but successful because we found the perfect donor

Charity Donations

 A lot Is Going On In Our World, Unfortunately At Times We Suffer With Things Such As Natural Disasters. We Can Be A Big Help Every Sale We Make We Will Take A Portion Of Your Sale And Donate Towards The Relief Efforts Of Hurricane Maria, A Devastating Storm That Has Affected Many In Puerto Rico.Every Month We Will Partner With A New Charity Or CauseBecause If We All Work Together We Can Make A Big Difference In This World.

Giving Back To The Communities 

We Are From Chicago Illinois, One Of The Greatest Cities In The World, But Some Parts Of The City Are Poverty Stricken. We Are A Proud Owned Black Business, And A lot Of Our Customer Are Black And We Want To Put That Money Back Into Our Communities, Instead Of It Being Outsourced To Asia. We Want To Boost Our Schools, Black Organizations,Business  Mentor Programs. Scholarships. Help Us On Our Journey To Bring Change

Halo Dream Hair LLC.

Co founder: Olagboyega Falomo

Co founder: Daramola Ojo

COO:Monica Leach

CFO: Kendra Sanchez


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